Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tamarind Hill Singapore - OPENING SOON!

Nestled atop the forested Labrador Nature Reserve, Tamarind Hill is perfectly reminiscent of the original Tamarind Hill in Kuala Lumpur, preserving the milieu of being in a stand-alone historic colonial bungalow amid a vastly green surrounding.

Malaysian diners who have had the experience dining with us in that beautiful 100 year-old colonial bungalow which we had occupied for 8 good years, will immediately sense a familiar air here...

The ambiance, those who follow and regularly dine at any of our Tamarinds, will notice the unmistakable rustic-luxe Asian character and flair which quintessentially defines us. The cuisine, staying true to what defines us, delicious Thai food true in flavor and intensity.

Our food designer and culinary expert Chef Thiti Thamanatr is Canadian-Thai originally a native in Bangkok. After his stunning tribute over the last 3 years in Tamarind Hill KL when it reopened since its relocation to the city from the suburb of Ampang in that charming colonial bungalow, Thiti is now reassigned to work his magic in Singapore. He shall introduce western methods, techniques and presentation style as well as creatively injecting ingredients never attempted before or explored in traditional Thai cuisine, all without departing from true Thai flavors.
With 3 distinct dining areas which includes lanai dining open to the jungle, intimate seating within the house in private corners and quiet section and the vast green lawn that opens to sea view, as well as a welcoming long bar at the front of house. It is an elegant and quiet place for lunch and dinner, an atmospheric venue for any party or occasion. A retreat by day, a holiday by night.
Tamarind Hill Singapore has settled in and ready to open its doors in a few months time! For queries, email us at sales@tamarindrestaurants.com

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