Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Il Tempio

Imagine dining Italian in a fashionably rustic Asian ambiance?
YES! Inspired by Buddhist monasteries, Il Tempio literally means The Temple.

Tagged 'The Temple of Fine Italian Cuisine', Il Tempio depicts the magic in transmuting passions - gourmet, green space and a great philosophy to go with :
Chef Daniele Sarno from Tuscany whose previous tenure in the world-renowned one Michelin-starred Castello Banfi, arrived in Malaysia for the very first time with a heart filled with excitement, and since, a mind hungry for ideas. The endless possibilities of innovative style cooking with fresh local herbs makes this part of the world a young chef's playground.

His Jungle-Luxe Lunch Series comprises of pizzas, piadinis and hot Italian meals that are only available during lunchtime. In the day, Il Tempio is colored by the luxuriant wild and one who appreciates green space will find it typically soothing and quiet here.

Come dinner time and the restaurant transforms into a complete satiety where both cuisine and charm are but a satori.

Il Tempio may satiate the hunger of fans of Italian cuisine but for those simply looking for a little magic, quell not till sated and spent;)

Tamarind Springs : Rainforest Dining

Depicting the all-tropical, rustic-Asian realm, Tamarind Springs has in years, been favored and preferred by those looking for a distinctively different ambience to dine in the city. You dine at airy treetop balconies that run perimeter just at the edge of the encroaching jungle.
Withstanding the fact that the restaurant is in fact 'in a natural forest reserve', guests can relinquish into the JUNGLE-LUXE enclave where real (yes, REAL not playback) croaks of frogs and sounds of crickets welcome you in, and out.

A bit of history
Tamarind Springs in the last 6 years has created a household name in the Malaysian dining scene. Its outstanding performance has not only won industry acccolade of sorts but also international recognition early this year. It’s the only restaurant in Malaysia selected as member of Relais & Chateaux hence recognized as one of the most celebrated names in the gastronomic world today, globally.

Close to 140 dishes, from signature creations of award-winning Grand Chef Somkhuan Wandee to humble dishes found in the villages of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, Tamarind Springs is a culinary experience many in KL are already familiar with.

Its interesting traditional Indochinese village-cuisine menu showcases some Laotian curries that don’t contain coconut milk, Cambodian curries which are steamed not boiled and the light and usually non-spicy Vietnamese selction, which like Chinese cuisine only French-influenced.
A few dishes that make my (and therefore, yours too) mouth water are :

Khmer Fish Amok Curry
Laotian Chicken & Coconut Soup
Vietnamese Caramelized Chicken
Laotian Steamed Snakehead Fish in Green Chilis, Garlic & Lime
Steamed River Lobster in Tamarind Springs' Spicy Sauce

Tamarind Hill is RE-OPENING!!!!

Very, very soon. We finally found the perfect spot after 2 freaking years! Well, better late than never.... as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait;)

Can't disclose much at the moment since works at the site is still commencing, but the new Tamarind Hill will be fabulous. To all the fans of Thai fare, supporters and regular customers and all of you who've written in to enquire about our relocation plan, it's finally happening.

I promise to keep all of you posted regularly. If you'd like to be invited to our opening party, email me at mapleloo@gmail.com

More to be posted here. Do come back here to check from time to time!