Friday, August 21, 2009

NUDE at Mandi-Mandi

26 July 2009 : 4pm to 11pm

A party for the creative community in Malaysia, it was a night for the friends of the arts. This was the 2nd congregation of NUDE, put together by Mushi Mushi. This time in the urban jungle setting of Mandi-Mandi. So there we had it, our own mini version of the rainforest world music fest in our backyard!

The evening was a fusion of indeginous musicians, including digiridoo players + percussionists, integrating song and instrumentation by orang asli women (a special performance with the talented, awe-inspiring Anteras all the way from Magic River)

And electronic dance live music with Haze - flanked by an ethnic-inspired pole dance performance by Maple herself.

The dry pool at Mandi-Mandi was filled with guests chilling out on the deep end, lounging on benches and pillows, with musicians on the other. Guests also feasted from pizzas & pastas to Tom Yam & Thai salads and could have almost every drink under the sky.
Il Tempio was transformed into an art gallery.
Thanks to Brandon, Justin and Manjit for all these great photos!

Look out for the next NUDE party! Send us your email and we shall make you a NUDIST;)