Friday, February 10, 2012

JapaMala Resort Bags Top Industry Awards!

Flying out to the resort last week for just 4 days to recharge was simply the best decision we've made in months. And being stranded there for an extra day due to strong winds, simply can't complain! With such amazing sunny weather, we didn't remember it was the last leg of the monsoon. And frankly, we didn't care. For 8 years, 8 has always been wonderful at the resort. Rain or shine. How time flies...JapaMala is already 8 years old! 8 amazing years.

Being the only boutique resort on Tioman island and one of the only two Relais & Chateaux
properties in Malaysia, JapaMala has recently bagged 3 top Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Awards 2012 as well as 5 top HAPA awards 2010-2012.

About TripAdvisor
Trip Advisor, the world' largest travel site is a trusted source for travelers around the world looking for timely, reliable information for their travel destinations awards JapaMala 3 key Traveler's Choice Awards, Top 20 Hotels for Service Malaysia, Top 25 Relaxation/Spa Hotels in Malaysia and Top 25 Hotels in Malaysia.

About HAPA
Also recognized by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) with five awards 2010-2012, Award for Excellence, HAPA Best Boutique Hotel/Resort, Top 10 HAPA Best ALL-Day Dining Restaurant, Tamarind Tioman, Top 10 HAPA Service Excellence, Top 10 HAPA Most Unique F&B Concept, Mandi-Mandi and Top 5 Resort of the year. HAPA recognizes and rewards the crème de la crème of the hospitality industry at all levels, a signature event that is much anticipated by hoteliers in the region.

For us, JapaMala is a very small place that fills a very big part in our hearts. From a truly humble beginning to its huge success today, JapaMala's magic could not have prevailed without the pure effort of our innkeepers - our team of devoted staff - who truly understand our passion and vision, the meaning of genuine hospitality, and who keep the Samadhi experience alive everyday.
Aruni Sutchai (aka Lah) has been a fantastic leader as Resident Manager over the last 8 years. There are so many challenges running a resort out there in the middle of nowhere simultaneously maintaining quality of standard. Managing import of provision and disposing of garbage are equally tricky. Simply because we're at the mercy of the forces of nature as well as the incompetence of third party transportation. Against all odds, we think the JapaMala team, under the leadership of Lah, has managed with outstanding effort in problem-solving and decision-making to ensure all our guests are looked after tremendously.

About JapaMala Resort & our Eco-Luxe Philosophy
The resort comprises of 13 rooms hidden amidst 11 acres of lush tropical rainforest. Charming Malay village-style villas and chalets are positioned in the most breathtaking spots. In true seclusion, JapaMala is a one village-one resort property flanked by our own private beach. Sought after by nature-lovers, honey-mooners and those yearning to simply indulge in an unadulterated way of life close to nature.

Known as an 'eco-luxe' resort, bringing man closer to nature is our core philosophy. From this, comes the idea to create the most unforgettable experiences for people who seek the same connection with nature. In line with the guidelines of 'Responsible Tourism', no trees were ever felled, wild habitats remain preserved and the entire resort was built completely around its natural landscape. As a result, no two rooms are the same. And each is unique, taking character of the land upon which it is built. Beautifully designed by natural streams, steep cliffs and towering boulders, JapaMala possesses the most stunning nature-inspired villas on the island.

Among other eco-conscious efforts are the prevalent use of second-hand timber which are sourced from all over the country, environmentally friendly waste management and ensuring none goes into the sea, we also eschew plastic by eliminating the use of shower caps, import of plastic mineral water into the island (as much as we can) by producing reverse osmosis drinking water from the resort's natural river instead, conserve electricity with use of key-card system and encourage guests to change towels less frequently.

Awards and Accolades:

Ø The Award for excellence, HAPA Best Boutique Hotel/Resort 2010-2012

Ø Top 10 HAPA Best All-Day Dining Restaurant / Tamarind Tioman / 2010-2012

Ø Top 10 HAPA Service Excellence 2010-2012

Ø Top 10 HAPA Most Unique F&B Concept / Mandi-Mandi / 2010-2012

Ø HAPA Top 5 Hotel / Resort of the Year / 2010-2012

Ø HAPA Regional Series 2011-2013 – Participating Nominee

Ø Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice® 2012 Winner - Top 20 Hotels for Service in Malaysia

Ø Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice® 2012 Winner - Top 25 Relaxation / Spa Hotels in Malaysia

Ø Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice® 2012 Winner - Top 25 Hotels in Malaysia

Ø Expatriate Lifestyle - Best of Malaysia Awards 2011

Ø Relais & Chateaux Best Bar Lounge Trophy /Mandi-Mandi/2010

Ø Best Romantic Stay : Excellence Award

Ø - Top 10 Ultra Boutique Hotels In The World

Ø International Restaurant and Hotel Awards (IRHA), 2nd Place, Breathtaking Views - 2008

Ø International Restaurant and Hotel Awards (IRHA), 3rd Place, Best Design Luxury - 2008

In summary, with views in living colors, sites that hoist your spirits, food that nurse your soul and hospitality that is abundant, many say JapaMala is one holistic experience. A state of mind. See you there!

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