Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KL's Ultimate Treat to Nest In

We finally got 10 rooms up and running. There're 11 more to go.... Certainly taking us a very long time to complete but really gratifying to see how becoming Villa Samadhi is, in absolute russet harmony. And that it has been developed so organically from day one. Every nook and cranny has our attention. Happy to be providing a secret little pad for KLites to escape and vegetate for the weekend.

If you need a place to reboot and replenish, a place recess enough to relinquish all your dramas, the villa is definitely the right place to rekindle your spirit. Or re-ignite your passion. Come away renewed without leaving KL!
Modern Malaysian fare is offered at Mandi-Mandi all day, exclusive to house guests only. Great breakfast menu, both local and international hot and cold selection. Sits right by the 'lagoon' hence its name, just like the other Mandi-Mandi at JapaMala Tioman as well as the one in Taman TAR KL. Exquisite atmosphere by night.

Bumbung, a little shack up on the roof offers some view of the KL skyline. Cool place to laze around for afternoon or after-dinner drinks. Samadhi in Sanskrit means STATE OF MIND. Reinstate the rhythm of life in the wake of a complete dream state. Welcome to our Samadhi Retreat.

No. 8, Jalan Madge,
Taman U Thant,
Ampang, KL

Phone : +603-21432300
Email :

More photos and more news coming. Watch this space.


Luna said...

Hey there,

I would love to come and visit the Villa Samadhi! What are your rates like?

Samadhi Retreats said...

Hey there Luna,
You may call the number given here or go to our website and look at OVERNIGHT SENSATIONS for Villa Samadhi. We have Luxe-For-Less rates till end of March!
Looking forward to serving you;)

Bie said...

Hi, I am considering wedding venues and love the look of your restaurants and hotel. Would you be able to cater to >200 pax? Which venue would be most suitable for that?

Samadhi Retreats said...

Hello there, please email us so that we can reply directly;) Email is

Alex said...

It looks all fantastic...but whereabout is your e-mail contact?