Sunday, June 6, 2010

World Environment Day

Our company has a few unwritten rhetorics. One of them is our most-practised philosophy - we believe in respecting and preserving mother nature because we are inspired by it in every step of our way.

So Samadhi Retreats' 'activists' Tiffany, Cindy, Natalie, Chloe and Jojo (Ms.Khoo too who wasn't allowed out of office due to workload at HQ) were out on the field on this day to walk the talk:)

We were invited by HER WORLD to celebrate the environment on Friday at Taman Metropolitan Kepong. We believe it's that one day in the year that we should all do something hands-on in the name of nature. So we decided to take a half-day leave to go plant some trees in support of Her World's cause.

Daphne Iking was the host of the event with Tun Jean Abdullah as the guest of honor, plus other local celebs like Yasmin Yusuff, Jeslina Hashim and our own Maple Loo, who would gladly dig their nails into the ground for the better of the world.

We were all so thrilled to do our bit except we arrived late! We got lost along the way (well, Maple drove so it's her fault :D) and could not figure out where this place was exactly even though we had a map. Anyway, just as Maple decided to give up and was driving to get to an exit that'll take us back to town center, we found ourselves heading back towards FRIM where this taman is supposedly nearby.

And there. We saw the lake and there we were! On our way to where we had intended from the start! How that happened, it's a mystery..... we took it as a sign; our calling to fulfill this 'mission' :D

So we got there and Daphne Iking was giving her closing speech already. Trees were already planted. Maple was then asked to take a picture with Daphne planting one of the trees. The rest of us, sat down and makan! Hahhahaha.... hey it's the intention that counts right? Again, it's Maple's fault! :D

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Natalie said...

谢谢熙辰,前人种树,后人乘凉,一起保护这可爱的地球吧~~ 加油~~