Monday, September 6, 2010

Villa Samadhi

Still a little bit more to go.... just a little.

Everyone in the company is anticipating the birth of our latest project with great excitement. Villa Samadhi will be an exquisite property.... not just in exterior and interior design but in class and personal service too. We want it to be one of the top 3 residences in Malaysia!

Villa Samadhi is best described as an intimate urban retreat; KL’s ultimate ‘treat to nest in’. This chic villa-in-a-room concept offers a trendy collection of contemporary Asian-inspired rooms, each spanning from 600 square-foot to over 2000 square-foot of living spaces.

The 21 polished-concrete private rooms are fitted with refined salvaged- timber floors and interior, plush beds, over-sized plunge tubs, romantic balconies, furnished with tech-amenities. While some ‘villas’ are fully-equipped with modern kitchens and private gardens, ground-floor rooms are with room-to-water access to the ‘lagoon’.

Bumbung, (the layered roof structure in the pic) the laid-back rustic rooftop tea lounge is premeditated for chill-out sundowns amid KL’s urban drone. Housed within a quiet, upscale residential locale just minutes away from KL city centre, Villa Samadhi is a dream state.

Let us know if you wish to be updated and we'll keep you in the loop.

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